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Erotic Fiction R18



     Guys! This is an incredible insight into how women think and what they want, both in and out of bed. READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SEDUCE A WOMAN SO YOU CAN GET LAID. Anon

     Its a great read. I couldn't put it down. I kept saying to myself, I'll just read one more chapter then I'll get back to work and I never did. This book is compelling, and the story is great. I cried. You will love it. Lindy

     It shouldn't be R18! It should be R45! There is enough sex and bad behaviour in this book to wet your sheets. You will adore Adriana, laugh and cry with her and be hanging out for her next set of adventures. Jan

     You would think only chicks would want to read this book, but take note guys. This is a comprehensive guide to how girls view on-line dating and this is stuff you need to know before you dip your toes in. And its really dirty. Read it! You might learn something! G

Metro Magazine, Auckland, New Zealand thought the launch of Louize X new book was er..... interesting enough to write about........ :):):)

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