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What Louize X Does After Hours!
  • The newest entertainment in town is now available for your very own private party
  • Have Louize X - 'the only erotic fiction writer in New Zealand' attend your party or gathering
  • Louize X will read a steamy sex scene aloud and be available for discussion afterwards
  • Even better for mixed events........

    Book Louize X to attend your own party

  • Read reviews from party goers who have already had the full Louize X treatment.
  • We all loved having Louize X at my birthday party. It was a 'girls only night' and it certainly brought a new level to the evening.
    The reading she did from the book made for some great discussion points. My friends think I'm amazing to have something so unique happen at my party - they can't wait to see what I'll come up with next.

  • Louize X did a reading at my birthday party. It was a mixed crowd and my friends were speechless. They have never heard of this sort of thing happening before. I'm now known as the queen of outrageous parties. AHM

  • Our mid-winter Xmas party would not have been complete without a reading from Louize X naughty book. The conversation goes up a notch after something like this. I don't think anyone will forget my party after that - or Louize X. MG



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