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    New Zealand writer of erotic fiction, event manager, brand manager, mom, property manager, social media expert, techie, web-designer, publisher, red-head, Louize X has a myriad of stories and experience to fill her books with exciting stories.

    Her books have been known to be burnt or drowned, having scandalised some of her readers. Audiences at parties have been appalled at the words coming from her mouth and left the room in shock, such is the passion she evokes.

    Her books have been called 'insane' and read by both men and women, both of whom 'learn' from the words within. They have been known to be highlighted and post-it notes applied for reference to particular pages. They've been known to save marriages and relationships.

    Through all this Louize X writes real stories, told to her by a vast network of very naughty people. Her work is now available at:

  • www.thenile.co.nz
  • www.smashwords.co.nz
  • www.ebookstore.sony.com
  • www.diesel-ebooks.com
  • www.louizex.co.nz
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